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Question: Why don't you answer your phone?

Answer: We are a small company, and it is very likely that all of our employees are involved with an event simultaneously and are therefore unable to answer the phone. If you leave a message, we will get back to you.

Question: Why don't you/will you have prices listed online?

Answer: Every event is different and presents its own unique challenges. While our product prices do not often change, the logistics of an event may vary greatly. Due to this, we prefer to speak with our customers directly about the specifics of their event and thus do not provide generic pricing.

Question: Do you deliver?

Answer: Yes. All of our tent rentals include delivery, and all of our other products can be delivered upon request for an additional fee.

Question: What are the 4 parts of your 4-1 inflatables?

Answer: Each 4-1 unit has a bounce area, basketball hoop, ladder and slide.

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